Pakistani Rug Cleaning

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Pakistani Rug Cleaning in NYC

Pakistani rugs are an investment. That is why the value should be maintained by proper cleaning and maintenance. The high quality, colorful textures, and intricate designs of Pakistani rugs make them extremely popular. Pakistani rugs are handmade. There are many styles.

Most are wool and take about 3000 hours of weaving to complete. Bokhara rugs are the most popular. They are made of cotton and wool. Some have “silk” inlays. The silk is actually a synthetic material made from cotton. It is treated to yield a silk-like luster. Bokhara rugs range from weaves of 50 knots/in² to tightly woven pieces that have approximately 300 knots/in².

Rust and red are the predominant colors, but orange, rose, peach, teal, slate, green, navy, and ivory are incorporated. As you can imagine, knowledge of Pakistani rugs is essential in choosing the appropriate cleaning method.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to keep handmade rugs clean is to prevent stains and dirt from occurring. Handmade rugs should be cleaned only when necessary. To avoid excess cleaning, limit wear and tear on the rug. Socked or bare feet are kinder to your rug than heels or soled shoes.

Pakistani rug cleaning is needed once or twice in a year’s time. If you are unsure about the need to have your rug cleaned, lift the corner of the rug and shake it sharply. When dirt flies, it is time to have the rug cleaned. Those who own a Pakistani rug do not want it to suffer damage from inevitable spills.

No one likes a messy rug. Professional rug cleaners can help remove stains and have the rug looking like new.

Why to Choose a Professional

When cleaning is necessary, professionals take care to maintain the integrity of the rug throughout the cleaning process. Traditional homemade remedies often do not work to remove stains from Pakistani rugs. Rug cleaning experts are equipped to deal with all kinds of stains without affecting the rug’s quality.

Pakistani rugs require a somewhat different cleaning method than other rugs. Only trained and experienced professionals can correctly analyze the rugs and determine the proper cleaning method.
Several processes are involved that include inspection, washing, and drying.

Exclusive materials are used to protect Pakistani rugs from damage. Highlights of the process include inspecting the stains, vacuuming the dried dust particles, using an extensive and delicate washing procedure, and using a combination of air conditioning and heat to dry the rug.

Even stains that have been on a rug for a long time should be dealt with by professionals. They free the rug from bacteria, dust and other harmful particles that can cause skin problems and allergic reactions. Having your rug cleaned not only brightens a room, health issues are reduced.

The Process

Experts test a small, hidden area for colorfastness. A mild ammonia-free cleaning agent is used. The direction of the motion, with or against the nap and pile, as the rug is brushed and cleaned is critical. The rug will be rinsed thoroughly.

Special equipment is used to gently eliminate excess water until no more can be forced out. Both the nap and underside of the rug are subjected to the drying completion process. Before the rug is returned to your home, it is brushed and vacuumed.

If you own a Pakistani rug, it is likely a lot of thought went into the purchase. When it needs to be cleaned, trust the task to the experts. Rely on their cleaning methods to avoid disappointment in the appearance of your rug.