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Established in 1973, Agara Rug Cleaning NYC, is still a family owned business. If you live in the NYC area we are the best choice among the local rug cleaners.. Why? Agara has more than 40 years experience as professional rug cleaners. As our customer, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge base as carpet and rug care experts.

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Silk rug cleaning experts in Manhattan

Types of rugs we clean

Agara rug cleaners specializes in cleaning oriental Antique rugs such as:

  • Silk Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Viscose Rugs
  • Kilim Rugs
  • Karastan Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Shag Rugs
  • Flokati Rugs
  • Chinese art deco rugs
  • Needlepoint Rugs
  • And More!

Whether your rug is made from wool or silk, hand knotted flat weave, we provide the best rug cleaning and repair service available today in NYC and the surrounding areas.

Our expert team of area rug cleaners can remove any stain caused from blood, oil, pet urine, wine, tar, inks, beverages, food, adhesive and gum

among others, as well as dirt that accumulates in heavily trafficked areas. No matter how bad the rug may appear to you, our expert staff can handle it.

Call us today for a free onsite estimate. We also offer free rug pickup and delivery in New York City.

A Reliable Rug Cleaning Company in New York City

It can be stressful entrusting your precious rugs to a rug cleaning company. We want to alleviate your concerns about having your rugs cleaned and repaired by our rug cleaning service in NYC. Our goal is not only to keep all of our clients thrilled with the final result, but also to have you say, “I found my rug cleaners!” Once your rugs / carpets are cleaned, we will provide you with additional informative to help you keep your rugs in fine condition.

What to Expect From a Professional Rug Cleaning Service in NYC

Many rug cleaning companies in NYC make claims that they know it all; but do they? When it comes to choosing Agara verses other companies, we differ in many ways. Agara rug cleaning NYC is a full cleaning and restoration services.

  • We don’t hire subcontractors to clean your rugs. 
  • We use our own facility that is equipped with the finest tools to tackle and remove any stain.
  • No rug cleaning project for us is too small or too big for us to handle. Any type of rug is a rug we can clean and restore. That includes antique rugs, needlepoint and tapestries, and Oriental handmade rugs.
  • We treat all our client’s rugs with the same personal care, as if they belonged to us.

Never believed a 20 year old antique rug can look so vivid and clean!

John, F. Upper east side, Manhattan.

Because customer service is important to us, a representative is always available to answer questions and to resolve any issues that might arise. We believe in the personal touch when it comes to rug cleaning and repair.

Award Winning Company- Your Fine Rugs Deserve it!

Service Highlights for Rug Cleaners in NYC:

  • All handmade rugs are washed by hand
  • We use environmentally friendly rug cleaner practices. All rugs are washed with organic solutions.
  • We offer full pick up & delivery services at no charge
  • Up to two months free storage
  • As a repeat customer you will always get 10% off your next carpet cleaning or rug repair
  • After care services such as deodorizing, moth proofing, anti-microbial treatment, and dust mite treatment
  • We offer free Scotchgard protection on all of our rugs.

Additional Services:

  • Repair of rug fringes and  / or creating new fringe’s by hand.
  • Repair the binding and  / or creating a new Persian binding by hand.
  • Removing wine stains, removing oil and grease stains
  • Removing any stain caused by animal, blood, tar and etc.
  • Restoring color on faded and worn areas
  • Reweaving the rug where needed in an original way so the repair will not be noticeable
  • Patching the rug if possible instead of reweaving (by client choice)
  • Pet odor, pet stain removal
  • Latex linen backing or new canvas to firmly hold the rug
  • Blocking and stretching the rug to bring back the symmetrical shape it had.
  • New padding for the rug.

Chinese rug repair- color dye, original fringe replacement.

Our Rug Cleaning Process – Manhattan

In order to maintain a top-notch service to our loyal and new clients, we use state of the art rug cleaning equipment. Our facility has the best tools and uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to get to finest results. In addition, we have a staff of skillful artisans who knows how to repair any rug with such finesse you won’t notice the repair


We start by examining the rug: the origin of the rug, the condition of the rug, the type of fiber to see if it’s wool, silk, cotton or the mix of these fibers. We then do a thorough and detail examination of the condition of the rug or carpet. Does this rug have any color fading due to wear of from the sun, is there any urine odors, are there bleeding color issues, stains, traffic dirt, and  / or discoloration of any sort? All these details need to be considered prior to cleaning the rug.

wine spill on rug

 We can remove any wine stain from carpet

Dusting Process

If there is a need for dusting the rug, we use a huge tumbler machine specifically designed for this purpose. Rug dusters do an amazing job of removing dry soil and contaminants. By getting so much detritus out of rugs pre-wash, dusting greatly reduces wash time.

Soak and Washing Process

In some cases, prior to washing, a rug needs a complete soaking in order to eliminate odor and /or to sanitize the rug. In cases of water damage, we do a full rug soaking and disinfecting treatment to kill bacteria and prepare the rug for a finishing hand wash. A stain removal process may be applied before or after a rug has been washed. It depends upon the type of stain. Some rug stains are easier to see and treat after the wash, some before. A thorough hand washing is given to all rugs. Some flat woven rugs such as Kilim rugs are washed on both sides. Depending upon a rug’s “traffic dirt”, a second washing may be required.

A Before

An After


Results You  Can See and Smell

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Just pick a time and we’ll do the rest.

Additional Cost for Moth Damage Rug Cleaning Services

Moth damage caused by an infestation requires special treatment. Rugs that have moth damage are given a lime wash. The rug soaks in lime bath. A special enzyme soap is used during the hand wash segment to ensure every moth egg is killed.

Our Cleaning Solutions

We use ph balanced very mild soaps during the process of washing all rugs to ensure a plush and softness to the finished cleaned rug.

The Softening Pile Process

This process is used for rugs whose pile has become stiff or hard due to pet urine that was not properly or immediately thoroughly cleaned. Water damage that causes dry rot in a rug also will require a softening process to prepare the rug for washing. dog stain on area rug

Pet urine stain removal service – Free pickup in NYC


When the washing and rinsing of a rug is completed it is moved to a control temperature room where the rug will dry under the circulation of air streams. By drying properly, this method assures that the rug will retain its softness.


After a thorough rug cleaning, our repair experts check for any rips, holes or other damage caused by “wear and tear”. We also carefully look at the fringes and the binding. A deeper look is needed especially if the rug was in storage and there is a fear of moth damage.

Protecting Your Rug

At our facility, we use 3M oil based Scotchgard to protect the rug from foot traffic. This process should be repeated every 3-5 months to ensure the protection remains effective

Final Inspection

A final inspection of the rug is done once the rug exits the drying room. The newly cleaned / repaired rug is vacuumed, groomed, and then wrapped in plastic. It is now ready to be delivered back to the customer’s home / apartment / office.

Rug Repairs and Rug Restoration Services

In addition to rug cleaning and repair, our team also provides outstanding repairs and restoration services by a staff of artisans for all types of rugs and tapestries as well as other carpet cleaning services. Whether you own oriental, area, or antique handmade rugs, they are an important part of your home décor. Let Agara keep your precious rugs and carpets in the fine condition they deserve.

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Agara Rug Cleaning NYC | Oriental Rug Cleaners | Free Pickup & Delivery

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC offers more than 30 years experience in cleaning and repairing oriental rugs.we serve Manhattan, Brooklyn & the Bronx.

How Often Should an Oriental Rug Be Cleaned?

The most neglected home décor task is having rugs cleaned. People have hectic routines and finding time to pay attention to rugs is difficult. We strongly recommends vacuuming your carpet once per week at a minimum and having it cleaned by a specialist once per year at least. Many NYC rug cleaning companies advertise Oriental rug cleaning services. Few have the skill and staff to clean one properly. Make sure you hire a company that has the needed qualities

Should You Take Your Rug to the Dry-Cleaner?

It is a bad decision to take a rug to a dry-cleaner because they are not rug cleaning experts and can destroy the carpet. Many dry-cleaners subcontract rug cleanings which mean double charges. Besides the double cost, you have no idea who the subcontractor is. For clean rugs without damage or double charge payments, hire an expert cleaning company that specializes in rugs like our own. We clean carpets without the use of harsh chemicals.

What Does It Cost to Have an Area Rug Cleaned?

Rug owners know they need to hire a professional rug cleaner. Many rug owners fail to give the rugs the care they deserve. They neglect the carpets and eventually destroy them. The owners fear that an expert cleaning is too expensive. They are misguided. Cleaning is priced by the square footage. A range between four and seven dollars per square foot is typical. Have your rugs cleaned by our rug experts. We provide a unique area rug cleaning service with free pickup and delivery for NYC area rugs.

Can Area Rugs Be Steam Cleaned on Hardwood Floors?

The popularity of steam cleaning has grown to such an extent most rug owners practice it. Steam cleaning on ceramic or vinyl tile floors can be done satisfactorily. It is not recommended to steam clean rugs on hardwood floors. Steam cleaning may damage the floor. Steam mops heat water to 200°. Rugs are essentially cleaned with water and heat. Do-it-yourself steam cleaning can damage carpets and should not be used on rugs you cherish. The best way to thoroughly clean rugs is to let a rug cleaning service do it for you. We have the expertise needed to clean your carpets. Talk to us today. Ask about our free pickup and delivery of area rugs in NYC. fringe repair

Worn out fringes can be restored


10 Best Antique Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips

Rugs make a home adorable and beautiful. A fantastic carpet gives an apartment or room a facelift and increases its aesthetic value. Different kinds of rugs range from Chinese to Persian to Turkish. Even the most beautiful rugs get dirty, dusty, and stained. That is why we offer these remedial tips to salvage them from stains, dust, and dirt. We share the knowledge we have gained through years of experience. These tips will help in preserving your antique Oriental rugs for years and keep them bright and intact.

1.Prevention First

Try to prevent regular traffic, stains, and dust on rugs. Prevention goes a long way in having a long-lasting carpet. Lots of people walking on the carpet causes it to get dusty. Prevent pets from frequently stepping on the rug to preserve the quality and life of an Oriental rug. Other things to avoid are unnecessary spilling of water as well as pets misusing and peeing on the carpet. This is the ultimate step for keeping your rug clean.

Check the label underneath the rug. It directs and explains the kind of carpet you have. It tells the method and cleaning requirements that are appropriate for the carpet. Oriental rugs are not like other rugs. It is better to err on the side of caution. Be sure any cleaning follows manufacturer recommendations to be in the right direction for giving a rug the cleaning that it requires to remain beautiful and last a long time.

3. Beat the Rug

The first step we take in cleaning an Oriental rug is to beat it. There are different beating techniques used to remove dust. Rugs are technical and delicate. The essence of rug beating is simple. We want the carpet to be dust-free before we vacuum. It is essential to know that the same method of beating is not appropriate for all rugs. Distinctive rugs require special techniques. The technique for antique Oriental rugs is a more delicate technique than that of other types of carpets. The beating is followed by vacuuming to remove any hidden dirt and dust.

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC | Oriental Rug Cleaners | Free Pickup & Delivery

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC offers more than 30 years experience in cleaning and repairing oriental rugs.we serve Manhattan, Brooklyn & the Bronx.

4. Stain and Spot Removal

We have specialized solutions we use in the removal of tough stains on rugs. These stains require more than a simple handwash. We use a mixture of organic substance. Often the most difficult stains are oil spills, grease stains, or pet stains. We have solutions that remove spots and stains that go beyond what you can imagine. A high concentration is used on the spots that dissolve between the stains. It makes pulling any detergent applied, easy to pull through the rug. It is an organic solution that removes any source of the stain.

5. Thorough Sweeping

In cases where using a vacuum cleaner is not sufficient special methods are used to ensure the rug is cleaned correctly. Both sides of the carpets are cleaned. Specially designed rug sweepers suck up the dirt and give a better edge in cleaning. A thorough sweeping is needed for cleaning Oriental rugs. We own all the equipment and tools. The tools are required to provide the best clean in a seamless process. Coldwater therapy is then used to prevent damage.

6. Handwash
Handwashing is best for Oriental rugs. The process begins with the use of bare hands. A machine might miss some details of particles and stains that need to be cleaned. We do not miss the target by using our hands. A rug-friendly, mild soap, and cold water are used on the carpets. The solution is tested on a small area of the rug to ensure it is appropriate. If necessary, we switch to a milder solution that does not affect the quality and color of the carpet.

7. Directional Cleaning
Years of experience teach us that most people do not attempt to clean their rugs with precaution. You cannot pick up a brush, identify the spot that needs to be cleaned, and begin to scrub. Oriental rugs are delicate and require a little technicality. They have a direction of the nap. For Oriental rugs to last a long time, they have to be cleaned directionally, not haphazardly. The process prevents bleeding of the color and damage to the quality of the rug.

rug dust
Your rug accumulate unbelievable amount of dust


The rinsing process is as of as much importance as the cleaning of the carpet. All nooks and crannies are adequately rinsed. We pay attention that lather is totally removed without leaving residue form the soap solution. Our specially trained technicians use a method that runs water through a pipe.

9. Dry

After the comprehensive cleaning process, a thorough drying process is required. Drying also entails different methods. The standard practice is fan drying. There is also an industrial method that dries rugs better and faster. If carpets are not dried properly, they begin to smell, or mold starts to grow.

10. Have Rugs Cleaned Professionally

People place great value in their Oriental rugs. We have provided tips to clean them properly. Do not forget to have rug specialists l clean your carpets at least once per year. We have acquired vast knowledge through our years of experience.

Basic Handmade Rug Cleaning Information

Handmade rugs beautify offices and home. Because of daily traffic, they get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. The rugs beautify any room in which they are placed. That is why they require care. A reliable rug cleaner should take on the task of cleaning a handmade rug. We also provide color bleach testing before cleaning a handmade rug to ensure it is sparkling and shining clean. There are no hidden fees. We provide services to:

living room area rug

We Are NYC Specialists in Rug Cleaning

Our service prevents our customers from struggling to move heavy rugs or from paying for a delivery company or courier to deliver them to us. We offer carpet cleaning that includes steam cleaning and removal of stains caused by pets, liquid, and the effects of debris and dirt. Bad odors are also removed. Owners can rest in the knowledge that our experts will restre the rugs to their former beauty. Only professional carpet and rug cleaners should clean oriental area rugs. You can trust the Agara team to pick up the rugs, bring them to our facility, clean and remove the stains, and return the carpets to you. Contact us today.

We offer:

  • Top notch service
  • Upfront pricing
  • A competitive price guaranteed
  • Online and phone booking
  • All employees are background checked

Online booking is available 24/7 or call for an appointment now.

Most Advance Rug Cleaning Equipment

Our company has made a commitment to provide the best technology and up-to-date equipment for cleaning rugs. By doing so, our level of removing spots and cleaning effectiveness Is improved. Our results are 100 percent guaranteed. area rug cleaning includes free pickup and delivery in NYC.

dog and girl on carpet

Ask for our organic kids and pet friendly carpet cleaning process

What Makes Us Better than Our Competitors?

We know the importance of choosing a rug cleaner. Providing the highest quality service in NYC is our goal. The preparation we put into our business, and the global affirmation we have attained makes us a technology savvy company. As an experienced company we keep up with the latest and best cleaning procedures. We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. We want you to be delighted and recommend our services to friends and family. Book your NYC rug cleaning today. Book online or call us for our two-step cleaning process. There are no hidden costs, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Keeping It Clean with One of Our Green Products

We use cleaning products that are 100 percent organic. An application is applied to the rugs immediately after they are cleaned to keep them clean long after we finish the job. It is a money-saving feature. Our industry experience makes us a leader in the market as  rug cleaning providers.

Same Day Service in Your Local Area

Giving same-day service is a priority when serving our customers with busy schedules. Do not hesitate to call for same-day service. We will clean your space and keep it clean. Call today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment with a certified technician.

We offer eco-friendly solutions. Our free estimate onsite is offered to those living in:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Long Island
  • Westchester

Do You Need More Information?

Fill out the contact form for answers to questions about our service. You can also call us during office hours. Technicians are sent to your office or home to inspect the cleaning needs. We explain the best method of cleaning and give a quote.

Benefits Enjoyed When Hiring Us

Beautiful rugs add warmth and beauty to your living room or home. They give your carpets a much-needed break.
They also cover unsightly stains in carpets. Sometimes rugs become overused because they are a favorite place for pets and kids. Dirty pet paws and kid hands add to the wine that was spilled and the food crumbs that quickly make a carpet dirty. Our staff is here to help. We know every type of rug requires a particularly unique method. We choose the ideal method for cleaning your rug without causing damage. Our experienced rug cleaners are dedicated to thoroughly cleaning your carpets.

They have been trained and re-trained to provide our NYC customers with outstanding rug cleaning results. Our services help maintain the value of the rugs and keep their shimmering color. Our convenient pickup and delivery are one of the many benefits you enjoy when cleaning your area rugs with us. The detailed cleaning we provide keeps rugs cleaner, longer. We deliver rugs that are thoroughly clean in hours. The cleaning solution used is very effective. It leaves no residue behind. If you want the best, affordable NYC cleaning service, call Agara carpet cleaning today.

different types of dirt on carpets.
We have the expertise to remove any type of stain from your rugs & carpets

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area rugs like carpet and upholstered furniture act as filters in the home to remove dust and dirt, harmful bacteria, allergens, and other elements that are harmful to your health. As the harmful elements circulate, the rugs act as a guard against them. However, rug maintenance and cleanliness are also necessary. Like air filters in the home, they must be cleaned and maintained correctly. Rugs will inevitably collect dirt and bacteria. They are subject to foot traffic and spillage. The rugs demand regular and thorough cleaning. Maintenance of an Oriental rug is a critical, sometimes difficult task. Rugs are typically placed in areas of high foot traffic. They pick up stains and dirt quickly. Regardless of where they are placed, they attract dust mites, bacteria, dirt, spillage, and stains. For your family’s cleanliness and health, it is essential to take action to keep them clean. Cleaning rugs regularly is one of those actions. The employees of Agara oriental Rug Cleaning department provide a rug cleaning service that is high-quality. Attention and care are necessary when handling rugs. Our artisans restore area rugs to their original beauty and shape by removing the dirty allergens and germs.

NYC Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk is a natural protein obtained or produced when silkworm larvae make cocoons. Silk is mainly made up of fibrin.

It is a naturally strong fiber. Silk loses 20 percent of its strength due to wetness. It has an impressive light refracting ability.

The ability to refract light is why silk is used to create and produce eye-catching and incredible rugs.

It is delicate and soft. Silk rugs need to be cleaned by hand. Some rug cleaning companies offer similar services that can be confusing. All offers are not of the same quality.

Of all the NYC silk rug cleaners, We stand out. We offer the most effective cleaning.

Well-Trained Staff

Special cleaning is a necessity when cleaning unique rugs. They are sensitive and should not be placed in areas of high foot traffic.

Heavy furniture is not to be placed on the carpets either, because it will damage the pile.

Our dedicated staff will help with your rugs, upholstery, and carpets. Call us and let the responsibility fall on our shoulders.

Our high-quality services bring about the best results. Success in the rug cleaning industry is about more than the solutions and cleansers used.

Competent personnel that delivers the services is also part of success. we have well-trained staff in all the aspects of rug cleaning.

A professional and competent workforce is what separates us from our competition.

Our certified personnel complements and perfects the services offered. All rugs are handled with respect and care.

Our quotes are guaranteed. The cleaning process is chemical-free. We provide worry-free pricing. Our technicians are certified experts.

We Offer:

  • Rug dying
  • Rug blocking
  • Spreading
  • Rug restoration
  • Soap wash
  • Luster wash

Superior Cleaning Methods

Another thing that separates our Cleaning process is the rug cleaning methods we use.

The methods and approaches we use best attend the needs of our customers. There is no one-size-fits-all method to use with every rug.

Silk rugs are rugs that are different in composition and fabric.

The difference must be taken into account when selecting the proper method to clean your carpet.

You don’t need to know the rug’s specifications before we attend to your needs.

Our professionals know what to do.

We devise a unique cleaning plan that will deliver the most effective cleaning.

Silk rugs must be treated by a technician that specializes in handling and cleaning them in a manner that protects the structure and dyes of the carpet.

Silk rugs need to be appropriately cleaned to remove allergens. Foot traffic causes the carpets to contain dirt and dust.

Proper cleaning brings life to silk rugs and extends their usefulness. our facility offers the latest technology.

We use the best and finest in rug and carpet cleaning from the tools to the cleansers and wash solution.

Some rug companies offer the same service, but not the same quality of service.

Using the latest tools, unique methods, and having excellent personnel means we have a silk rug cleaning service that is the most effective.

oriental rug reweaving

Rug repairing process

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are not just ornaments, they are works of art. The rugs bring character to a home and brighten a dull, empty room.

Like all rugs, they attract all types of germs, dust mites, and stains. Rug maintenance is a laborious process.

Regular vacuuming does not fully clean the rugs. Manual washing can cause damage to the colors and fabrics.

we do not utilize the conventional methods and ways of steam cleaning that other Persian Rug cleaning companies use

Conventional steam cleaning brightens the rug’s upper surface but does not clean deep inside the rug to eliminate the sand particles and dust from it.

These particles easily damage or destroy a Persian Rug. We use only clean, fresh water for cleaning purposes.

Water is never recycled. We clean both sides of a rug in order to return the rug in the condition you bought it.

Our amazing cleaning formula thoroughly washes the rug to eliminate all the built-up dirt and dust.

Obliterating the salt and sand particles is the most important aspect of cleaning Persian Rugs.

Dust and sand wear out rugs in a way nothing else can. Leaving sand and dust in a rug is like rubbing sandpaper over the fabric.

We avoid the situation by using pressure washing and other proven methods that make your Persian Rug beautiful.

We are 100 percent confident that our proven cleaning methods are the best. That is why you need our professional cleaning service.

Why Should You Call a Persian Rug Specialist?

Many of NYC rug cleaning companies make promises of delivering the best rug cleaning.

Most do not have the expertise and training to care for your rugs. They could possibly ruin them. It is likely the reason people are apprehensive about calling Persian Rug cleaning services.

Disappointed customers feel they could have done the job themselves. There are only a few real experts in NYC.  We are among them.

How to Determine if Rug Cleaners Are Experts

Expert rug cleaners do more than clean rugs. They determine the type of fabric used and decide on the cleaning process that is best.

Persian Rugs cannot be treated like other rugs. They require special handling and care.

Only experts know the process needed for each rug. At our cleaning process, the highest industry standards are followed.

We use a seven-step process starting with pre-vacuuming that removes the loose dirt, soil, and dust.

A meticulous stain and spot treatment with specific sprays removes them. The rug is then steam cleaned.

Steam cleaning removes all unwanted material such as mites, dirt, and dust. The rug is disinfected and thoroughly rinsed before being dried to ensure the fabric is not damaged.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Measure of Success

We measure the success of our service by our customers’ satisfaction. We make sure the service provided is tailor-fit to each customer.

Our technicians exercise the greatest of care in every step of the process, from vacuuming to drying.

Each step of the process uses the safest cleaning materials. Our disinfectants, detergents, and sprays are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Rug Restoration and Repair

When you bought your area rug, having to have it restored or repaired was the last thing you would have thought.

You were likely thinking about the style and appeal it was going to add to your home as you unrolled it across your floor.

rug moth damage

Full restoration process for moth damage or chewed rug

For months or years, you walked across it, enjoying the comfort it provided with each step.

If it becomes damaged, you have to find a way to have it repaired. our staff offers excellent rug repair and restoration that will make the rug look like new.

Types of Damage We Repair

If you need an area rug restored, you may wonder what kind of repair we can do. Local area rugs are affected by many types of damage.

Moths are a common plague to rug fibers . The pests lay eggs on the rugs. Their larvae hatch and eat at the rugs.

Besides pest damage, there is water damage from a major spill or leak that did not dry quickly.

Pets chew at rugs. Over time, rugs begin to unravel and fray. our repairs all small and large area rug issues.

The Process We Use

You begin the process by calling our office to schedule an in-home evaluation.

This is a free service we provide. It allows you to interact with an expert in your home and receive a quote for the needed restoration services.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Technology

When our technician comes to your residence, we bring advanced eco-friendly technology that is tested and certified to be green and safe.

Our carefully trained staff has the skills needed to clean your carpets and remove odors and stains.

There are no toxic chemicals in our cleaning products. Green detergents are used to thoroughly remove grime and dirt from the upholstery, rugs, and carpets.

Our deep-cleaning process removes allergens and dust. As a result, you breathe cleaner, fresher air.

Our green cleaners have no harsh chemicals that are potential risks to pets and small children.

Oriental Rug Moth Treatment

The most efficient method for treating moths is removing adults from the residence before they lay eggs on an Oriental rug.

However, if moths have been spotted in the home, especially if seen on an Oriental rug, contact us for quick service

A rug cleaning consultant visits the house and discusses treatment options. The recommended treatment will be determined during the consultation.

The goal is to use a cleaning process that removes the larvae, as well as, protects your rugs from damage.

Some rugs benefit from a brushing and wet cleaning process. Others are more suited to a dry-cleaning method.

If larvae are feasting on the carpet, we take care to avoid increasing the damage with our cleaning process.

After the Oriental rug is cleaned and free of the larvae, the process of restoration begins.

Prevention of Further Damage

If you think your Oriental rug is infested with moth larvae, avoid disturbing the area.

Larvae can spread to other surfaces in the home or other rugs. We offer a free pickup and delivery service for Oriental rug moth treatment.

The rug is carefully removed from the home in such a manner that minimizes the possibility of spreading larvae to other areas of the house.

Contact us today for information about moth treatment or scheduling a service.

Organic Green Cleaning of Handmade Area Rugs

The craft of handmade rugs has taken centuries to be perfected by several different cultures.

The carpets are either knotted by hand or hand-woven. Often the pieces are imported from other countries.

Purchasing a handmade area rug for a particular room in the home can take a considerable amount of money, effort, and time.

Keeping this in mind, it is only sensible to take care of the rug and ensure you enjoy it for years to come.

off site rug cleaning is an excellent way to remove soil from deep in the rug fibers and eliminate spots on the rug.

Some rug cleaning companies use cleaning agents that are potentially harmful to family members and pets.

With our organic cleaning process of handmade rugs, you enjoy the benefits without the side effects associated with a destructive cleaning process.

Organic rug cleaning

Safety for the Rug

Many handmade area rugs consist of delicate fibers. Some have dyes prone to bleeding when wet.

They may fray or unravel when specific cleaning processes are used. With green rug cleaning service from Agara Rug Cleaning NYC, you enjoy a safe cleaning process for the rug.

During an on-site consultation process, rugs are reviewed before receiving a cleaning service.

The consultation ensures the correct cleaning process is used when cleaning the carpet without damaging it.

A method that utilizes a brushing technique and water or a dry-cleaning method is typically used.

Safe for Your Pets and Family

Our process for cleaning your area rugs is entirely safe for your pets and family.

You want an area rug that is cleaned without introducing new chemicals that are potentially toxic to those living in the home.

Because We utilizes an organic approach, you enjoy knowing the rug was cleaned in a natural, safe way.

If your exquisite handmade area rug needs deep cleaning, call Agara Rug Cleaning NYC to schedule a consultation today.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If a professional company cleans your rug, it is essential to ask about the types of chemicals used during the process.

Eco-friendly companies use naturally mild cleaning agents. Often, they are the best option for customers with handmade rugs.

Harsh chemicals such as ammonia and bleach make a stain worse or remove color.

There are fewer risks to delicate handmade rugs with natural cleaning materials.

Basic Information About Cleaning Oriental Rugs

silk rug cleaning

Oriental handmade rug

Rugs are typically fragile. The need to be taken care of to prolong their lifespan.

Most cleaning techniques render Oriental rugs to a certain degree of wear-and-tear. There are cleaning methods that reduce aging of carpets.

The best means of cleaning Oriental rugs is organic cleaning. No harsh chemicals are used.

Our technicians use the latest natural cleaning equipment.

To efficiently remove dirt and stains from your carpets, you need a technician that uses an organic method Call us now for:

  • Eco-friendly products and methods
  • Fast response
  • Emergency services

You will enjoy a healthier environment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The rugs

will look and smell fresher. Our services include:

  • Turkish Rug Cleaning
  • Persian Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning

Basic Handmade Rug Cleaning Information

Handmade rugs beautify offices and home.

Because of daily traffic, they get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.

The rugs beautify any room in which they are placed. That is why they require care.

A professional rug cleaner should take on the task of cleaning a handmade rug.

Our staff provides color bleach testing before cleaning a handmade rug to ensure it is sparkling and shining clean.

Area rug living room Enjoy a cleaned rug in your living room

What Do We Mean by Gentle Care?

We choose a process to clean your rug based on the dyes, fiber content, the period of craftsmanship, and origin.

The Process of Cleaning Area Rugs

We thoroughly clean Oriental rugs using a thorough hand washing.

  • Thoroughly Inspect the Rug

Before washing a rug, we inspect the carpet for the type of fiber – cotton,wool, silk, synthetic, or a combination – and its origin.

We perform a thorough and detailed examination to check for color bleed; damage caused by harsh chemicals, moths, pet stains, or the sun; and the strength of the rug’s foundation.

Those factors determine the best means of washing the carpet based on its condition.

  • Dusting Area Rugs

We thoroughly dust the rugs to rid them of small particles.

It is vital in the preservation of rugs’ value. Foot traffic causes dust and dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.

Embedded foreign material in the pile of the carpet is abrasive and can cause premature wear-and-tear of the rug.

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC uses a deep pile process that ensures all the accumulated debris is removed.

If necessary, we ask for permission to moth-proof the rug to guarantee its longevity.

  • Detailed Hand Washing with Water and Low PH-Balanced Shampoo

We use only the mildest soaps that have been formulated from natural substances.

It is essential to thoroughly rinse the rugs to regain color richness and prevent new dirt accumulation occurring quickly.

We do not wash rugs in machines.

They are only hand washed.

  • Drying and Grooming

Each rug is groomed by gently combing the fringe and following the path of the pile.

Ambient air is used to slow dry the carpet.

It precludes shrinkage and protects the natural-colored dyes.

  • Lanolin Replenishing

Lanolin is a conventional oil that gives suppleness and luster to rug fibers. Changing the lanolin yearly raises its lifespan.

The approach has an added benefit of bringing out the pretty motifs and colors.

  • Softening Rugs

Softening the cotton basis of a rug makes it less subject to dry rot.

Dry rot is a serious and widespread issue triggered by fungi.

Optional, but Recommended Treatments for Area Rug Cleaning:

  •   Moth-Proofing

Prevent common threats of moths by moth-proofing your rugs.

Moth larvae silently trigger intensive damage that ruins a rug’s fibers.

  • Stain Protector Application

With the application of a natural solution, fibers resist the penetration of liquids that discolor such as espresso and wine.

  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Use of a distinctive enzyme eliminates unsafe bacteria and pet odors.

  • Repairs

Our skilled, experienced technicians can repair fringe, tears, holes, and edges. These meticulous specialists restore rugs to their original magnificence.

  • Final Inspection

We use the best practices with our thorough inspection process.

We repeat the cleaning process if necessary, to provide the topmost results.

Cleaning Pet Stains from Rugs

Rugs are beautiful, classy, and stunning. They bring the pieces of the room design together.

If you have pets, the carpets are a comfortable place to cuddle.

Even well-trained dogs accidentally vomit, stain rugs with muddy paws, urinate and defecate on area rugs.

The mishaps wreck rugs and turn them into eyesores if left unattended. Clean the urine stains as soon as they occur.

Leaving them for later makes the stains challenging to remove.  rugs are absorbent by nature.

Cleaning stains immediately helps to eradicate the stains and prevents odors.

If a stain goes unnoticed, it may prove to be challenging to locate.

In such a situation, consider using ultraviolet light to search suspected areas thoroughly.

You can also use a fluorescent black light to scan the area.

Longer bulbs enable a faster scan because a more substantial area is covered.

Pet urine is difficult to locate, particularly if it has gone unnoticed for a while.

Using the lights at night help find the offending areas.

Removing Urine Stains from Rugs

Urine stains have caused severe damage to rugs that were left unattended. Urine is a base and causes dyes in oriental rugs to run. Cleaning urine stains begins by absorbing as much of the urine as possible. Use wet cloth towels or paper towels. Use another clean towel to place on the stain. Put cans, books, or other suitable weighted objects on the cloth to increase absorption of remnants of urine or moisture. Dampen the cloth. It should be damp but not excessively wet.

Let the towel under the weight for approximately ten minutes. Take another clean cloth and fold it twice. Stand on the towel and apply as much pressure as possible. Turn the cloth to the other side and repeat.  A stain that was on the rug for more than ten minutes likely, absorbed into the carpet.

If so, increase the width and length of the towel and increase the dampness. Use a heavier weight also. Again, let the weight on the towel for another ten minutes. Re-wet the area by pouring water from the outside of the stain to the center. Blot all the liquid with a dampened clean towel. We are NYC leaders in Persian, Oriental, and area rug cleaning. Call today for our green solutions.

water damage living room We can repair water damaged rugs

Enzymatic Cleaner Follow Up

Even after the above steps are taken, there may be remnants of urine that remain. They can cause  rugs to smell. The residues can be eradicated with the use of enzymatic cleaners. Stains are broken down into basic elements. The process helps prevent bad smells and odors. A significant portion of the bio-makeup of urine is protein. Enzymatic cleaners aid in dissolving and breaking down the protein, which helps completely eradicate the urine remnants.

Most pets, especially cats and dogs, have a keen sense of smell. They tend to defecate on old urine spots. Enzymatic cleaners are instrumental because of their capability of breaking down and eliminating the urine remnants and smell. An application of the cleaner is placed over the stained area. The surface is usually wet. It is left for several hours to allow the reaction to take place. Be on the safe side and read the directions. There may differences in how the product is used. Not all enzyme cleaners can be used on  rugs.

After letting the enzymatic cleaner react for several hours, apply a towel to absorb it. Repeat with another cloth. Place a third towel on the area with a heavy weight. Let it sit overnight or for eight to 12 hours. After that time, the stain should be gone. Most pet stores carry enzymatic cleaners. Our deep cleaning carpet experts offer rug cleaning that is 100 percent pet-friendly. It removes 97 percent of the odor. Call now for NYC pet-friendly, organic rug cleaning.

The Use of Oxidation

Using oxidation is a method that effectively removes urine stains from rugs. You have to be cautious. Many oxidizing agents react badly with wool rugs. Some suitable and mild oxidizing agents can be used as a last-ditch effort when urine stains do not come out with the methods mentioned above.

Pet urine acts like acid and damage the rug’s fibers natural ph balance

Other Urine Stain and Smell Removal Methods

Vinegar and baking soda combination is yet another method for removing urine stains. Spray the area with vinegar. Then sprinkle an amount of baking soda that covers the area. Cover with a towel and place a weight on it for better absorption. Let it stand for 24 hours. Use cold water to wash the area.

Use a damp towel to absorb as much as possible from the area. After the procedure, the stain should disappear. Soap and hydrogen peroxide can also be used.

Before applying the soap and hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle around the stain with baking soda.

Mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of dish soap. Apply the mixture to the stain after the baking soda has dissolved.

Use a soft brush such as an old toothbrush to dissolve the solution into the area.

After the solution dissolves properly, dry up the mess with a vacuum. Though not very common, concentrated hydrogen peroxide solutions can cause minimal damage to machine made rugs .

Persistent smells of urine can be addressed with a cornstarch mixture. Generously, apply cornstarch around the area entirely.

Let it absorb for 30 minutes. Use cold water to rinse the area and dry completely with a towel. Placing a fan on the spot helps to dry it.

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Cleaning Feces from Rugs

Remove as much poop as possible. Wear gloves while doing so. Use a towel or paper towel. At first, try only to scoop the poop.

Avoid applying pressure on the stan. It drives the fecal matter further into the fabric of the rug.

A spatula can be used instead of a towel. After removing as much as possible by hand, apply a remover for pet stains.

They are available in most local grocery and pet stores. Read the instructions to be sure the rug and the pet stain remover are compatible.

Apply the remover to the stain and allow it to absorb for a few minutes. Put two or three tablespoons of mild detergent in a container.

Soak a clean towel in it. Use it to scrub the stain gently. Use another cloth to blot the stain.

Flood the spot with enough water to cover the area and absorb as much of it as possible with a damp cloth.

To further eradicate the smell, dissolve a half cup of vinegar in an equal amount of warm water.

Soak the area with the mixture and allow it to soak for three or four minutes.

Then flood the area and dry excess moisture with a cloth. Absorb as much as possible. It is not necessary, but the spot can be freshened with baking soda.

The process is to be done when the area rug is dry. Sprinkle enough baking soda that can be gently massaged with an old toothbrush or soft brush.

Let it soak overnight, then vacuum the spot.

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Removing Food and Drink Stains

 Spilled Coffee On Carpet Can Be Perfectly Removed

Rugs frequently encounter food and drink stains. It is not uncommon to encounter stains when pets eat in the house. Begin to remove the stain by using a paper towel or clean towel. Spoon out liquids if possible. Place a clean cloth under the stain. With another paper towel or clean towel dipped in cold water and rug shampoo, sponge the spot, then rinse and dry by blotting. A homemade solution can be used instead. Mix ¼-cup dishwashing detergent, two cups of lukewarm water, and ¼-cup white vinegar. Avoid sponging and scrubbing with a stiff brush. It may cause the fibers of the rug to pull out. After using any techniques mentioned above, wash the spot clean with clean water. Place a warm hair dryer or fan close to the sponged area to promote increased drying. You can also place something under the area that has been scrubbed to increase air circulation.

Maintaining and Caring for Rugs

Every rug has peculiarities and properties that make it different. The characteristics are the basis of maintenance and provide a general idea of what to avoid. Never rub or scrub an area  rug when cleaning. Also, avoid using hard tools or brushes on it. Cleaning products should only be used when extremely necessary. If you believe it can be cleaned adequately with a towel and water, use that method. Heat should also be avoided. It causes wool to shrink. Do not place objects that are hot on rugs. Never use hot water; use only cold or warm water. Another precautionary measure is rinsing rugs properly after cleaning agents have been applied. Pets that are potty-trained reduce the chance of further stains. Ask questions before buying a rug. Rug sellers and manufacturers have the best rugs adaptable to keeping pets. New rugs are available that have better stain cleaning properties. Place a pad under the carpet to prevent moisture from the stain getting absorbed into the rug fiber roots. rugs are among the most admired types of carpets. They are classy, durable, and strong. They become a disaster if not managed well, particularly if pets are involved. You do not have to get rid of pets to enjoy the comfort of oriental rugs. You can have pets and beautiful rugs. Book your NYC rug cleaning today. We offer:
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How to Keep Your Rug Beautiful and Clean

Rugs have been around for centuries. The acceptance and popularity through the years indicate the charm the carpets hold. They bring class and sophistication to a living space. The rugs blend the decor components to bring a sense of completeness. Things you cherish, require your attention, which applies to the maintenance and care of your rugs. You need to understand the type and nature of the carpet. There are synthetic, cotton, natural fiber, and silk rugs, to name a few. Basic principles are followed in the care of the rugs, but there exist peculiarities. Among the necessary maintenance and care tips are:
  • Regular Vacuuming
Regular vacuuming reduces the accumulative effect dirt has on carpets. Many people wait until the rug looks dirty before vacuuming it. Waiting is a mistake. It makes cleaning stressful and difficult. Vacuuming rugs at least once per week is recommended. The type of vacuum used is essential. Quality vacuum cleaners easily remove all the dust and dirt. Extremely powerful vacuums should be avoided. They may cause damage to the rugs. Note fringe as you vacuum. It can get caught in the machine, which leads to pulling and damage to the rug. Place a nylon screen over a rug while vacuuming.

 Vacuum Your carpet Regularly

The screen is held in place with a suitable weighted object. You can also tie nylon mesh over the attachment of the vacuum cleaner. The screen is necessary due to the sensitivity and fragility of rugs. Rug owners with pets need to know most vacuums do not pick up pet hairs. They are removed by brushing in the direction of the nap. It is advised to keep pets away from valuable rugs.
  • Removing Stains Properly
Locating and removing stains as early as possible is a critical part of rug maintenance. By their nature, stains are easily absorbed and can become permanent. Place a clean cloth or towel under a rug spill as soon as a spill is noticed. Blot as much as possible. Do not rub. Rubbing can make stains permanent. To remove a stain, replace the cloth or towel under the rug with a fresh one. Dip another clean cloth in club soda or water.  Wring it out to be damp, not wet. Use it to blot the stain. A teaspoon of mild dish soap or shaving cream can be used if stains persist. Mildly mop with a clean cloth. Be careful not to use harsh substances. They can cause permanent damage to a rug. If none of the above options remove the stain, call a professional. Some stains such as shoe or nail polish prove to be challenging to remove. Do not wash the rug in a machine.
  • Avoid Water and Sunlight
Leaving a rug wet may cause significant damage. Place a clean towel under a wet carpet. Focus on blotting as much of the water as possible. It will dry faster if a fan is set on the wet part. You can also use a hairdryer set on warm or cold. A hot setting may cause damage to the rug. Wet  rugs require special care. Try to avoid exposure to water. is tough to dry. Scorching sunlight should also be avoided. Exposing or placing rugs in constant sunlight causes them to fade. It ultimately shortens the rug’s lifespan. It is advised to place rugs in areas of a home with the least amount of sunlight exposure. Sunlight bleaches the carpets and can lead to areas of a rug looking new and the other regions looking old and worn out.
  • Supporting and Rotating Heavy Furniture
A sharp end or heavy furniture may cause significant damage to a rug. The pressure has a wearing effect. Moving furniture frequently makes a rug appear out of shape. Move furniture only when necessary. Take it off of the rug. Do not drag the furniture, particularly furniture having sharp pointed edges. If heavy furniture has to be placed on a rug, place supports underneath the legs. When suitable supports cannot be found, place a small tile under each furniture leg. It will reduce the effects of pressure and wear. Rug specialists recommend rotating rugs every six months. It is of greater importance if the furniture is not rotated often. Rugs placed in areas where people pass frequently, or there is frequent treading, are prone to wear-and-tear and need to be rotated every six months. Periodic rotation ensures furniture does not put pressure on the same section of a rug. Reversible rugs should be flipped every six months also.

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Cleaning Specific Types of Rugs

Each rug has a framework of its own, and therefore possess different properties. Cleaning has to respect and follow the delicate nature and features of each type of carpet. Small amounts of water are used when cleaning them. Polyester rugs are similar and need to be treated the same. Solid stains should be scooped to remove as much foreign matter as possible. Liquids are blotted with a clean cloth or paper towel. Test any cleaning agents on an inconspicuous area before applying a significant amount to the rug. Using a warm air fan speeds the drying process. Cleaning Art silk rugs can be a challenge because of the delicate nature of the fibers. Cleaning involves a gentle, delicate approach in comparison to other rugs. Scoop as much foreign matter as possible. Do not scrape the delicate fibers. Use a cloth or paper towel to press liquid stains. Absorb as much as you can. If the stain persists, gently blot with a very mild, gentle cleanser. For the most part, the same procedure is used with other rugs with minor changes or differences based on their framework, properties, and texture.
  • Hiring Professional Services
The tips above help maintain rugs. They typically help clean common stains encountered from time to time. Those tips do not replace or change the need to have rugs cleaned professionally periodically. Some dry-cleaning companies provide rug and carpet cleaning services. There are specific rug and carpet cleaning companies. If you drop off your rugs to be cleaned, provide details on the type of rugs they are and the manufacturers’ specifications. The details guide the cleaning. It is recommended to have carpets cleaned by a specialist once per year at a minimum. Rugs such as area rugs that are exposed to traffic may need to be cleaned more frequently. A balance needs to be maintained. Overcleaning can gradually weaken the carpets. If you are unsure if a professional cleaning service is needed, let the following tips guide you. Rub your hand vigorously in circles on the rug for about ten seconds after you vacuum. If the hand is dirty, you need a professional cleaning service. You can also pull apart the pile and inspect the base; if it looks dirty, especially the weft and warp, your rugs need to be cleaned professionally. Carpets that have a filthy base (weft and warp) look like they are very dirty.

Minor Conditions and Conclusion

There are minor conditions that affect rugs. They are not due to poor maintenance and are not considered faults. The conditions arise from the rugs’ framework and properties. They include minor rug thickness variation that occurs when the rugs are handmade and subject to human error. Shading is another minor condition. The weaves and pile may change direction. Some rugs may appear to have changed color in areas where the weaves and pile are facing a different direction. Shading is a natural occurrence. It not caused by poor maintenance and cannot be prevented. Shedding is another condition to which rugs are exposed. Sometimes, newly purchased rugs seem fluffy. The fluffiness is due to loosening fibers that remain after the manufacturing process. The loose fibers gradually reduce as the carpets are vacuumed regularly. Rugs bring warmth, class, and excitement to a home or office. They complete a room design by bringing all the décor pieces together. Though they are sometimes delicate to handle, they are worth the stress. We offer:
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