Rug Reweaving

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Re-Weaving of Rugs

How long have you had that rug? Since the past few years? If it looks unclean and dirty, you can easily get it cleaned from a professional service. But what if your rug has started to unravel as well? Is there something that you can do about this? Yes, avail a rug restoration service, and your rug will look as good as new after it has been treated.

Re-weaving of rugs is a common repair service that is often availed by consumers. We use several methods for this. Whichever ones of these you choose, we guarantee quality results that will make your rug look as good as new again.

What Causes Rug Damage?

As time passes, traffic and wear and tear deteriorate your rug and it no more has its originals strength. Spills, stains and sun rays all play their part in destroying the weaves and breaking up the knots. As such, the rug starts to unravel along the fringe and the edges.

All the loose knots and weaved can be treated, and the rug can be restored back to its original condition. As long as you avail a quality service, the durability will be maintained and the life of your rug will be preserved

How is a rug re-weaved?

Re-weaving of rugs starts with a thorough inspection. During this phase, the quality of the rug is assessed and the material is examined. All holes, unraveled weaves and looses fringes are noted down, and accordingly a suitable method is devised. This step can be conducted at your home as well, but the remaining steps wile will be carried out when you send your rug over to our treatment facility.


The next phase in the rug-reweaving process is to select proper yarn material and color. In most cases, we prefer wool, but this varies with the material of your rug. We try our best to find an exact color match as well. If we do not, then we will just dye our yarn to the exact same shade of your rug. This is the key to achieving quality results.

Once this is done, we will set up your rug along with the chosen yarn into a traditional loom. Re-weaving of rugs is then initiated and all the damaged areas are treated. Every new piece of yarn is carefully integrated into your existing rug. While doing this, we ascertain that we are matching the knots, designs and style of your rug. This assures that the repair remains undetectable.
If required, we may also remove the damaged portion of your rug completely, and replace it with a new patch that will remain unnoticeable.

What are the average costs?

The costs of a rug-reweaving process vary in each case. The extent of damage, style and material of your rug are common factors on which it depends.
So send your damaged rug to us, and we will re-weave it to make it look new again!