Mold Testing & Mold Remediation Services

Rug Cleaning NYC is an expert company that completes full mold remediation jobs for both residential and commercial clients. We offer the entire array of air duct, HVAC, tile and grout, carpet, mattress, and upholstery mold removal and mold contamination solutions at highly competitive prices.

If you are looking for IICRC-approved cleaners who can eradicate any pesky and recurring mold problem in just a few hours, give us a call.

Why Hire Our Mold Remediation Services?

There are several benefits to hiring our expert cleaning company for mold remediation instead of trying to use regular household cleaning products on your own. Here are the most important of them:

We Are IICRC Certified

For starters, someone who is not certified to clean mold or trained to identify and test different types of mold spores could do a poor cleaning job. Our professionals are experienced and fully trained to tackle all types of mold contamination problems. They have all passed the Mold Removal Specialist exam organized by the prestigious Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This means they are fully certified and authorized to provide their services according to industry standards.

Mold spores that reach an air conditioning unit, HVAC, cooling, and heating systems freely shift around air ducts and spread through the household, eventually reaching the entire house or commercial space. From there, they can reach your skin and airways and cause a series of detrimental effects on your health, including a series of allergies, respiratory infections, asthma flare-ups, sneezing and coughing, sinus congestion, and even fungal infections.

We Specialize in Complete Mold Testing and Assessments

The mix between high levels of humidity in the indoor air, air conditioning, and mold spored penetrating your home through windows, on your clothes, or via your pets result in mold growth. The condensed air that forms inside air conditioning systems when cooling down the space is a particular problem we are hired to solve extremely often. We know how to accurately discover the source of HVAC mold in your home along with surfaces that you might not be able to see with the naked eye. We can also trace down mold covering the back of your mattresses and carpeting responsible for the musty odor in your home. To do this, we rely on expert quality air and humidity testing tools and our advanced mold assessment expertise in the industry.

We Can Efficiently Fix Your Mold Problem

After accurately assessing the extent of your mold problem at home or in the commercial space you are managing, we will proceed to properly remove, treat and disinfect all affected surfaces. We seal off the mold, control the humidity of the indoor air, remove the mold using specialized tools, contain it, and clean it up afterward.

We Can Help You Prevent Future Mold Issues

Our advanced mold remediation services will reduce future mold spore spreading and growth in the future by carefully assessing the root of the problem and providing you with professional advice. You will learn how to stop additional mold problems from occurring because of leaking rooftops, broken water pipes, high levels of humidity inside the house, or something else.

Popular Mold Remediation Services We Offer

Extended mold outbreaks are hard to tackle using regular household cleaning products. Don’t waste any more of your energy, time, and resources trying to fight nasty mold, and let us do the dirty job for you. We specialize in all mold removal services for homes and commercial spaces, including:

  • mold testing and mold assessment
  • mold removal services from bathrooms, basements, and HVAC ductwork
  • mold cleaning for upholstery, carpeting, tile and grout
  • mold remediation and cleaning
  • mold cleaning for A/C, cooling and heating air vents
    Bathroom Mold Remediation NY

More than 70% of bathrooms in city homes and commercial spaces are prone to mold contamination. If you have noticed traces of black mold inside your shower or around your toilet or you are dealing with massive mold contamination covering your tile and grout, give us a call. We know just how to tackle these problems, how to assess and determine the exact type of bathroom mold you are dealing with, and what are the best remediation options for it.

A/C Air Duct Mold Removal

Are you dealing with mold issues on a zoned HVAC system? Do you want to get rid of the mold growing in your drip pans or humidity control system air ducts? We are here to help. We specialize in the entire array of glass, flex, and metal ductwork and air vent mold problems. Our technicians will identify the root cause of the problem, help solve it and provide you with expert advice on how to avoid it in the future.

Competitive Mold Removal Prices

We offer free mold removal price quotes that are transparent, comprehensive, and do not incur any additional or hidden fees. We charge the most affordable mold remediation prices in mold and mildew inspection and remediation in the area. Find out what it means to have the number cleaner in NY help you with your mold problems at home or at your business space.

Call today, get a free quote from us and let us schedule HVAC ductwork, bathroom, or mattress mold remediation service for you!