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Viscose rugs are beautiful types of carpets that have an amazing shimmer that will immediately complete any room design. They are the less expensive version of silk rugs, incredibly soft to the touch, adding a luxurious feel to any décor. However, viscose rugs, which are also called banana, bamboo, art silk, or rayon rugs are not as sturdy or qualitative as carpets made of silk. They are manufactured with the help of a type of regenerative cellulose, which is made from fibers found inside the pulp of wood or by-products made of cotton, as well as a series of chemicals. This means that the fibers are extremely weak and require special cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The Rug Cleaning NYC team is here to assist you. We are your go-to experts in all viscose rug cleaning needs, no matter if you are dealing with a severely stained rug or a dirty one that has not been cleaned in ages. We know just who to tackle these rugs in such a way as to make sure no damage will be done to the fibers.

Viscose rug cleaning services we provide:

  • professional viscose carpet vacuuming and cleaning
  • steam cleaning methods only when applicable
  • spot and stain removal
  • pet urine and waste cleaning
  • protectant application
  • color run testing

No matter which of these services you might need assistance with, or whether you need help with something else, feel free to get in touch with us and let us tell you exactly what we can do for you.

Our Viscose Rug Cleaning Services In New York

Viscose rugs have a few qualities and features that make them so difficult to clean compared to other types of rugs and carpets.

Highly Flammable

For starters, they are extremely flammable and they can burn on the spot, provided a small flame reaches them. This type of damage is usually irreversible and the only solution is to replace the affected viscose rug with a new one, as repairs or restoration would be almost impossible.

Likely To Stain

Secondly, our expert viscose rug cleaners are aware of the permanent staining that can and will most likely occur when water reaches these carpets. Whether we are talking about the use of a too large amount of fresh water for cleaning purposes, an accidental flood at home, elevated levels of humidity, or something similar, whenever water reaches these rugs, it usually wreaks havoc. These carpets will easily get covered in mildew when subject to water for a long time. This is why washing must be immediately followed through by quick and efficient drying solutions that can prevent that from happening.

Disposable rugs

Thirdly, viscose carpets are often times considered to be disposable rugs, given the weakness in their fibers. This makes their cleaning and repair a lot more difficult and complicated and it can often times lead to the rugs yellowing, turning brown, shedding, bleeding colored dyes, or getting stiff.

Our cleaning process

Our IICRC-certified viscose carpet cleaners NY have the right experience needed to carefully assess the exact particularities of each rug that reaches them. Each cleaning job starts with a thorough inspection that will establish whether the cellulose fibers within the rug are extremely likely to turn yellow or brown in case wet washing techniques are used. They will often times rely on detergents that contain acids, followed by exhaustive drying methods.

The washing is particularly complicated since viscose is known for its inability to hold dyes. This means that every time such a carpet is washed using fresh water, some of its dye will eventually come off and the rug will lose one or two shades. Normally, our technicians will need to wash viscose rugs twice in order to prevent them from turning yellow.

Vacuuming is usually done with low-power vacuum cleaners that will not pull the loose strands and cause them to shed and break. Viscose rugs that are vacuumed using high-power vacuums will eventually break and start to look shaggy.

Our experts also rely on a special softener that can mist the rugs prior to grooming them, in order to prevent the sensitive fibers from turning stiff after cleaning.

Keep in mind that, depending on the age and custom characteristics of your viscose carpeting, it is often times almost impossible to clean such a rug without causing some minor damage to it or without affecting its design and feel.  

Affordable Rayon Carpet Cleaning Prices

We do not only provide free-of-charge price quotes with zero obligations over the phone or online, but we also provide fast, competitive, and highly affordable viscose rug cleaning prices. We will put all our efforts into making your precious viscose rugs look and feel clean once again, without causing too much or any damage to them. 

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