Moroccan Rug Cleaning

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If you are searching for professional Moroccan rug cleaning services in the New York area, Rug Cleaning NYC is here to assist you. We specialize in advanced cleaning solutions for all types of area rugs and Moroccan rugs are our specialty. We offer affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, including Moroccan rug pet stain removal rug repair and color restoration, and deodorization.

Whether you own a thick, urban Moroccan rug covered in a beautiful flowery design or a flat tribal model with eye-catching red hues covered in stains and dirt, give us a call. We know just how to clean it and bring back its lost beauty and charm. The great news is that we can do it all at a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs. Get your free price quote today and let us show you why we are the #1 Moroccan rig cleaner in town!

The History of Moroccan Rugs

The term “Moroccan rug” comprises a series of different hand-woven items, including carpets, weaves, and textiles from the beautiful country of Morocco. The ancient history of these rugs goes back to the Paleolithic Era when the indigenous first started weaving them for their utility. The Moroccan people, later on, adopted the art of weaving these carpets out of villagers’ necessity to stay comfortable during hard to bear temperature drops and rises near the snowy Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

The versatility of these rugs is one of the main reasons why these Moroccan rugs come in many different levels of pile today. Pile refers to the density of a rug’s fibers. Moroccan rugs can be thick and have a very heavy pile or they can be flat due to their low pile. Both thick and flat Moroccan rugs are covered in traditional designs and patterns, some featuring unique designs part of the cities they were first created in. most of today’s Moroccan rugs are manufactured in Fes, the country’s first capital city.

Different Types of Moroccan Rugs

If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or another neighborhood in New York, you probably own a nicely colored rug with floral patterns, triangles, diamonds, and various other designs that are representative of Moroccan tribes. These thick, antique thick rugs can be easily paired with sleek-looking home furniture in the living room or master bedroom and complete any décor. New Yorkers tend to appreciate bright colors and neutral shapes with complicated designs, oftentimes geometrically shaped. While these rugs are not particularly elegant, they do justice to any wooden floor or wall painted in white.

Modern-day Moroccan rugs normally feature one of two themes: tribal or urban. Tribal Moroccan rugs feature a lot of symmetry in their design, usually obtained with the help of geometrical shapes, columns, and rows. On the other hand, urban Moroccan rugs feature designs that are longer and narrower, with softer colors and plenty of red hues.

Use these references to identify the type of Moroccan rug that you need help with or let us come over and assess your rugs for you. Our long and rich experience cleaning all types of Oriental area rugs has turned us into experts who can instantly recognize, assess, and implement the best cleaning practices for any kind of rug.

Why Hire Our Moroccan Rug Cleaners NYC

All the Moroccan rug cleaners we work with have obtained their IICRC certifications, proving they are fully trained, qualified, and prepared to use their skills to tackle any complex job. Hire us and you will benefit from the following professional Moroccan rug cleaning services at affordable prices:

  • customized cleaning solutions for all types of Moroccan rugs
  • weaving and colorfastness testing
  • food and pet stain assessments
  • color restoration and rug repair solutions
  • rug deodorization

Whether you have several Moroccan rugs part of a family heirloom that require advanced cleaning, stain removal, and disinfecting, or you are searching for cleaning services for a modern Moroccan rug you have personally purchased, we are here to help. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with more details about our services and answer any questions you may have.

Customized Moroccan Rug Cleaning Services

We initiate each cleaning job by measuring your rug and performing a quick and thorough colorfastness test. After that, we search for any traces of old liquid and solid stains including pet waste spots and stains embedded in the fibers, along with missing or deteriorated fringes and yarn that might require repair or replacement.

Next, our technicians use special rug badgers to gently beat the back of the rug and remove dust, dry soil, and hair, and continue the procedure with professional vacuum cleaners.

If the colorfastness test allows us to use the immersive washing method, we place the rug into a wash pit and clean it with the help of a rug roller and shampoo designed for area rugs. Fringes are manually cleaned to prevent potential damage. Next, the rug is further detailed and restored, if needed. The excess water is removed with the help of a dedicated claw that can efficiently remove any extra moisture. This keeps the risk of color bleeding to a minimum while speeding up the drying time.

The final step of the Moroccan rug cleaning process is the grooming, during which our technicians will place the pile in its original position and let the rug dry for at least 12 hours.

Moroccan Rug Pet Stain Removal Solutions

Pet accidents can leave unsightly stains and bad odors behind. We work with cutting-edge stain removal products that are eco-friendly and safe to use around people who suffer from allergies. Our technicians work with a special blend of custom-made enzymes and natural ingredients that can effectively bond to the pet stains and neutralize all odor particles. Enjoy better air quality with our special household animal or rodent odor removal services for your Moroccan rugs.

Free Price Estimates & Affordable Moroccan Rug Cleaning Prices NY

Contact our friendly and well-trained customer support crew and get your free, zero-obligation price estimate for the cleaning services you are interested in. We charge some of the most competitive Moroccan rug cleaning prices in New York, so make sure to get in touch with us no matter which borough you live in. a cleaning job for you and help you save money on rug cleaning and rug replacement with our affordable prices.

Call now and let our certified Moroccan rugs cleaning experts bring your beloved ugs back to life!