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Family Owned Rug Cleaning Service

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC was established in NYC, in the early 70’s by a family of professional rug cleaners, and restorers. Many rug cleaners claim they know the meticulous work of cleaning a rug. Many of them tend to use the same soaps, and sometimes even harsh chemicals that can harm the rug.

We use Only Organic Methods

Chemicals are not meant to be used on any type of hand made rug. Rug cleaning is indeed a very detailed oriented task. As for many in this industry the main goal is to keep you- the client happy from the final product and final result.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method

We at Agara rug cleaning & restoration, strive for the best, we take several steps before deciding which soap to use and what method to take prior of cleaning your precious rug. First we examine the condition of the rug, and by that we proper evaluate and know how it will sustain in the cleaning process. If a rug has holes or the foundation is very weak, we will be extra careful and take extra measurements to try to avoid further damage, we will of course notify our clients on their rug condition, followed by current pictures prior to the wash. The second step will be to decide on the proper Technic on how to clean the rug.

Some rugs will require a very gentle hand wash using brushes that were designed for Oriental rugs, and hand made rugs. Some rugs will allow us to use specific state of the art machines that designed to deeply penetrate the rug pile (in case this is a rug with a very thick pile). These machines are very well safe to use on Oriental rugs and handmade rugs.

Different Type of Rug Means Different Treatment

Washing a Wool rug can be different than washing a Silk rug, with a wool rug the use of cold water mixed with the proper soap to clean the rug, knowing how to clean it, can bring the desired result. However on a Silk rug, one has to know how much water he can use, how to dry it, when to dry it, how to use a dry cleaning process after, how to use dry foaming, In order to get the dirt out, but also to ensure that shines of the Silk parts will remained as they were, and sometimes even more soft than before.
In summery: cleaning a hand made rug is not a simple task, one mistake can cause the entire rug to bleed and ruin the entire design.
Let Agara rug cleaning & restoration, do the work for you, and enjoy the rest !

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