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Organic Rug Cleaning in NYC – What You Need to Know

When toxic cleaners are used, the environment is impacted. The effects are the same whether the cleaners are dumped, rinsed, sprayed, or poured. They all add toxins to the air. You might be surprised by the chemical ingredients found in some cleaning products.

Carpet cleaning products are no exception. Organic alternatives are available that are healthier than the usual toxic products. Organic carpet cleaners are typically dry cleaners that are less harmful than non-organic cleaners.

Dangers of Non-Organic Cleaners

Popular brands of cleaners sold in stores are harmful because they contain chemical solvents much like solvents that dry cleaners use. Most common carpet cleaners emit powerfully strong odors that aggravate some respiratory conditions and allergies.
Toxic ingredients found in some carpet cleaners include:


According to some studies, they cause infertility, hormonal imbalance, and endocrine issues. There are also additional compounds often found on product labels. It is helpful to know of some of the potentially dangerous chemicals and avoid using them.

Toxins on Toxins

Carpet is frequently made of synthetic fibers that are toxic and then treated with toxic chemicals hazardous to the occupants’ health. Those facing the most risk are pets, toddlers, and infants who spend the majority of their time breathing close to the floor.
Dangerous chemicals found in emission tests of carpets include:

•Vinyl cyclohexene

Many of the chemicals are carcinogenic. If carpets put out the toxins, people breathe them in. A Danger is present when combined with chemicals in cleanser formulas.

Using Organic Carpet Cleaners

Organic carpets do not emit noxious fumes. Toxic fumes come from synthetic carpet fibers and the chemicals used in treating them. Padding may also be treated with harmful chemicals. People and pets can have an allergic reaction.

Among the benefits of organic cleaners is they do not pollute the air. They are healthier for humans and the environment. Traditional carpet cleaners leave a concentrated vapor that hangs in the air that causes pollution. Air pollution indoors is a serious concern.

It can cause fatigue; congestion; coughing; irritation of the eyes, nose, and lungs; asthma attacks; nausea; headaches; sneezing; and other symptoms. Using organic carpet cleaners significantly reduces mold growth potential.

If mold develops in carpets and pads, it is almost impossible to remove. The alternative is to replace it. A simple, effective product to use for deodorizing carpet between cleanings is baking soda.

Considerations When Cleaning Carpet

The best organic cleaners are non-toxic and biodegradable. Genuine organic products are packaged in 100 percent recycled material. Professional organic carpet cleaners can organically clean carpets. They specialize in natural cleaning for even the dirtiest carpets.

Many people today are environmentally conscious. Having professional organic carpet cleaners clean carpets is a step in the direction of taking care of the planet. They employ specially formulated natural solutions that have no harmful chemicals, yet provide a thorough cleaning.

A low-moisture cleaning process is used. Professional organic carpet cleaners offer a clean, safe, and healthy option for professional carpet; Oriental and area rugs; and upholstery cleaning.

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