• Different Origins of Oriental Rugs

    silk rug

    Importance of History Do you know the history of your rug? If not, you may be missing out on the best part of ownership. Buying an imported rug is more than buying a floor covering. You are purchasing a piece of history. The design of every rug has a story worth telling behind it. Besides […]

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  • Tabriz Rug Before & After

    Tabriz rug before

    Tabriz Rug Before & After – Cleaning & Color Restoration Oriental rugs are always difficult & delicate and requires expert care . in this project we received a Tabriz handmade 9X12 Area Rug that suffered from water damage stain , color bleeding and lose , worn fringes . Our expert worked on this piece for […]

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  • Types of Repairable Carpet Damage

    Carpets typically damage slowly over time. Three primary types of damage are incidental, packing, and abrasion. Continued care prevents most damage. Damaged areas should usually be addressed by professionals. Carpet Abrasion Abrasion is described as scratched carpet fibers. People walking on carpet, having sand or dust causes the particulates to rub against the carpet. Regular […]

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