Types of Repairable Carpet Damage

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Carpets typically damage slowly over time. Three primary types of damage are incidental, packing, and abrasion. Continued care prevents most damage. Damaged areas should usually be addressed by professionals.

Carpet Abrasion

Abrasion is described as scratched carpet fibers. People walking on carpet, having sand or dust causes the particulates to rub against the carpet. Regular vacuuming avoids abrasion. Abrasion often occurs in the lane of traffic is and is not fixed by cleaning the carpet.
Many people are disappointed to learn that severely abraded carpet fibers cannot be drastically improved in appearance. The abrasion causes light to be reflected in a manner different from normal fibers. Applying fluorochemicals help to fill in abraded fibers and restore some of the appearance.


Heavy objects crush fibers of carpeting, especially when the weight distribution is over small surface areas like couch legs. Indentation becomes more stubborn and deeper the longer a heavy item presses into the carpet. Usually, the fibers can be lifted, and the dent smoothed out.
There are several techniques that do not require a professional that can be tried. The methods involve using ice cubes, steam irons, damp cloths, and blow dryers. Asking a professional for the best method is advised.
People wearing shoes and walking in high areas of traffic can cause extreme packing. Packing occurs when fibers are constantly compressed. The carpet loses its resilience. Hot water extraction, vacuuming, or suction that pulls the carpet back may help repair packing.

Incidental Damage

Damaged carpet seams, stains, and burns are examples of incidental damage. Repair technicians can frequently repair this sort of carpet damage. Stains are normally addressed during the cleaning process.

Seam Repair

A bad or torn carpet seam can be disastrous to a carpet. The cause of carpet seam splits is often due to improper sealing when the carpet was installed. If not properly aligned and thoroughly secured, carpet seams may come apart.
The repair can be as simple as applying a generous amount of glue to the tape under the carpet and pressing the backing into the adhesive. Fixing the seam could require the use of seam tape, an iron, and a seam roller. The work must be done carefully to bring the edges together.
Carpet Burns
There are two issues to address when dealing with burning, replacing burnt fibers and removing stains from the area that is scorched. Very small burns that cause a hard to notice hole can be fixed by merely cleaning the scorch mark. If a hole has to be patched, fibers from a hidden spot such as a closet or underneath furniture can be transferred and glued in place. Burns too large to be repaired in this manner may require section replacement.