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Agara Rug Cleaning NYC

Established in 1973, Agara Rug Cleaning NYC, is still a family owned business.
If you live in the NYC area we are the best choice among the local rug cleaners. Why? Agara has more than 40 years experience as professional rug cleaners.  As our customer, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge base as carpet and rug care experts.

Agara Rug Cleaning NYC specializes in cleaning Antique Oriental, Pakistani, Afghan, Chinese,Persian, Indian, Turkish, handmade rugs. Whether your rug is made from silk, or wool, is a flat weave or hand knotted, we provide the best rug cleaning and repair service available today in NYC and the surrounding areas.

Our expert team of area rug cleaners can handle stain removal caused from oil spill , blood stains, tar,wine, beverages, inks, adhesives,foods, gum among others, as well as dirt that accumulates in heavily trafficked areas. No matter how terrible the rug may look to you, our expert team can handle it.

Call us today for a free on site estimate. We also offer free rug pickup and delivery in New York City.

A Reliable Rug Cleaning Company in New York City

It can be stressful entrusting your precious rugs to a rug cleaning company. We want to alleviate your concerns at having your rugs cleaned and repaired by our rug cleaning service in NYC.
Our goal is not only to keep all of our clients thrilled with the final result, but also to have you say, “I found my rug cleaners!”  Once your rugs / carpets are cleaned, we will provide you with additional informative to help you keep your rugs in fine condition.

What to Expect From a Professional Rug Cleaning Service in NYC

Many rug cleaning companies in NYC make claims that they know it all; but do they? When it comes to choosing Agara verses other companies, we differ in many ways.
Agara rug cleaning NYC is a full cleaning and restoration services.


  • • We don’t hire subcontractors to clean your rugs. 
  • • We use our own facility that is equipped with the finest tools to tackle and remove any stain.
  • • No rug cleaning project for us is too small or too big for us to handle. Any type of rug is a rug we can clean and restore. That includes antique rugs, needlepoint and tapestries, and Oriental hand made rugs.
  • • We treat all of our client’s rugs with the same personal care, as if they belonged to us.



Because customer service is important to us, a representative is always available to answer questions and to resolve any issues that might arise. We believe in the personal touch when it comes to rug cleaning and repair.

Service Highlights for Rug Cleaners in NYC:

  • • All handmade rugs are washed by hand
  • • We use environmentally friendly rug cleaner practices. All rugs are washed with organic solutions.
  • • We offer full pick up & delivery services at no charge
  • • We can give you up to two months free storage
  • • As a repeat customer you will always get 15% off your next rug cleaning or rug repair
  • • We offer after care services such as deodorizing, moth proofing, anti-Microbial treatment, and dust mite treatment
  • •We offer free Scotchgard protection on all of our rugs.

Additional Services:

before & after rug repair by Rug Cleaning NYC

  • • Repair of rug fringes and  / or creating new fringe’s by hand.
  • • Repair the binding and  / or creating a new Persian binding by hand.
  • • Removing wine stains, removing oil and grease stains
  • • Removing any stain caused by animal, blood, tar and etc.
  • • Restoring color on faded and worn areas
  • • Reweaving the rug where needed in an original way so the repair will not be noticeable
  • • Patching the rug if possible instant of reweaving (by client choice)
  • • Pet odor, pet stain removal
  • • Latex linen backing or new canvas to firmly hold the rug
  • • Blocking and stretching the rug to bring back the symmetrical shape it had.
  • • New padding for the rug,

Our Rug Cleaning Process – Manhattan

In order to maintain a top-notch service to our loyal and new clients, we use state of the art rug cleaning equipment. Our facility has the best tools and uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to get to finest results. In addition, we have a staff of skillful artisans who knows how to repair any rug with such finesse you won’t notice the repair.


We start by examining the rug: the origin of the rug, the condition of the rug, the type of fiber to see if it’s wool or silk or cotton or the mix of these fibers.
We then do a thorough and detail examination of the condition of the rug or carpet. Does this rug have any color fading due to wear of from the sun, is there any urine odors, are there bleeding color issues, stains, traffic dirt, and  / or discoloration of any sort? All these details need to be considered prior to cleaning the rug.

wine spill on rug

Dusting Process

If there is a need for dusting the rug, we use a huge tumbler machine specifically designed for this purpose. Rug dusters do an amazing job of removing dry soil and contaminants. By getting so much detritus out of rugs pre-wash, dusting greatly reduces wash time.

Soak and Washing Process

In some cases, prior to washing, a rug needs a complete soaking in order to eliminate odor and /or to sanitize the rug. In cases of water damage, we do a full rug soaking and disinfecting treatment to kill bacteria and prepare the rug for a finishing hand wash.

A stain removal process may be applied before or after a rug has been washed. It depends upon the type of stain. Some rug stains are easier to see and treat after the wash, some before.
A thorough hand washing is given to all rugs. Some flat woven rugs such as Kilim rugs are washed on both sides. Depending upon a rug’s “traffic dirt”, a second washing may be required.

Additional Cost for Moth Damage Rug Cleaning Services

Moth damage caused by an infestation requires special treatment.
Rugs that have moth damage are given a lime wash. The rug soaks in lime bath. A special enzyme soap is used during the hand wash segment to ensure every moth egg is killed.

Our Cleaning Solutions

We use ph balanced very mild soaps during the process of washing all rugs to ensure a plush and softness to the finished cleaned rug.

The Softening Pile Process

This process is used for rugs whose pile has become stiff or hard due to pet urine that was not properly or immediately professionally cleaned. Water damage that causes dry rot in a rug also will require a softening process to prepare the rug for washing.

dog stain on area rug


When the washing and rinsing of a rug is completed it is moved to a control temperature room where the rug will dry under the circulation of air streams. By drying properly, this method assures that the rug will retain its softness.


After a thorough rug cleaning, our repair experts check for any rips, holes or other damage caused by “wear and tear”. We also carefully look at the fringes and the binding. A deeper look is needed especially if the rug was in storage and there is a fear of moth damage.

Protecting Your Rug

At Agara rug cleaning NYC, we use 3M oil based Scotchgard to protect the rug from foot traffic. This process should be repeated every 3-5 months to ensure the protection remains effective

Final Inspection

A final inspection of the rug is done once the rug exits the drying room. The newly cleaned / repaired rug is vacuumed, groomed, and then wrapped in plastic. It is now ready to be delivered back to the customer’s home / apartment / office.

Rug Repairs and Rug Restoration Services

In addition to rug cleaning and repair, Agara also provides outstanding repairs and restoration services by a staff of artisans for all types of rugs and tapestries.

Whether you own oriental, area, or antique handmade rugs, they are an important part of your home décor. Let Agara keep your precious rugs and carpets in the fine condition they deserve.

living room area rug

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"This is the second time i am using Agara Rug Cleaning and the results are great . we had 2 wool rugs , 6*9 and 8*10 that needed deep cleaning and stain removal . with free pickup and delivery + reasonable pricing and true expert care we didn't hesitate ... Thank You !" Diana_F

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